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a large sign painted on the side of a building with two men's faces
an old book with red and black ink on it's cover, depicting men holding a flag
Первомайские плакаты 1920-х годов
an instruction manual for the use of mechanical instruments
Explore: Bauhaus Originals for Download
the poster for chile's soccer team, which has been designed in green and red
an image of a man with a star on his chest and the words, 26 fiddle
Sean Adams Burning Settlers Cabin
an old propaganda poster with a red flag flying over a battleship and the words 1917 in russian
40₽🍁В. Мартынов. 1970г.
Подписана, 3-коп. марка 1966г. #открытки #postcard #октябрь #соцреализм #мартынов #аврора
an old book with some type of design on it's cover and the title above it
I Created These Patterns Inspired By Russian Constructivism
Revolutionaries, Guerrilla, Madrid, Military, Women, Spanish
Tuée en Espagne... Quelques femmes dans la guerre d'Espagne.
graffiti on the side of a wall with no pasarani written in white and red