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a man with yellow sunglasses on his face and the words stay true to nature written below him
Profi Aesthetics design a tongue-in-cheek university campaign with Jan Buchczik
a man holding a ping pong paddle in front of an eye chart with the words, my goddi can see perfectly
Un bonito spot de una óptica al estilo de Wes Anderson - La Criatura Creativa
Poster by Design Army, inspired by Wes Anderson | Georgetown Optician_2
a black and white sign sitting on the side of a road next to a building
Designer Spotlight: Ares Pedroli
a black and white photo of a man holding a piece of paper
That 90s Look is Coming Back: Work of Dylan Levionnois
That 90s Look is Coming Back: Work of Dylan Levionnois
an abstract black and white photo with the word chaos in it's middle corner
The Temporary and The Concealed - Graphis Portfolio
Concealed by its secret, what would it reveal?The use of transparency and typography is somewhat confusing at a first glace as to what the purpose is, but the design aspect towards it is really cool when it came to the semi transparent-like curtain over the words.
an orange and black poster with words written in different languages, including the word's name
posters for cultural themes
posters for cultural themes by joão césar nunes, via Behance