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Zombie proof airless tires. Holy CRAP these are sweet!

Zombie proof airless tires automobile car tirs for zombie apocalypse, Wow! 100 amazing new tires, Developed for the military by Resilient Tech. www ford gt forum.


Free, News Ecard: When one door closes and another one opens, it's time to pack up and move because your house is clearly haunted.

Paleo Chicken Marsala is budget-friendly and great for entertaining.

Honestly I combined all of the ingredients of other marsala recipes… Paleo Chicken Marsala. Used this recipe as a guide for pork chops. Replaced marsala with dry sherry, not cooking sherry. And used evoo, and wheat flour.

Solar shingles -  They blend right in with your traditional shingles and don't require any special tools for installation.

Does it really work? Dow Powerhouse Solar Shingles could have you hugging trees. the panels look like standard asphalt shingles—and they can be installed without any specialized knowledge.

Mental benefits of #Exercise #Infographic

Mental Benefits of Exercise Infographic. Being active and doing physical activity doesn't just benefit the body it is also extremely useful for have mental benefits as well. Check out these 12 mental benefits you can gain from participating in exercise.

How Soda Impacts Your Body [infographic]

What soda does to your body. For those who can still afford to eat healthy water is the best thing to drink and not the soda. Drink lots of water. Water is very good for the body for many reasons.

Cool plane and photo aside, I really like the graphic and how it plays with the lettering.

This is one of my favorite ads thus far. I love that the photo has a vintage tint and the use of typography is brilliant. The blur in the middle of the type really conveys the idea of flying to good use

Get shit done.

I have a surprising lack of coffee cups in my life. I have four, to be exact: a Christmas one, one with a sweater on it (for fall & winter), my everyday Colorado one, and the one that stays at work (handmade by So I could use some more mugs in my life!

This little guy harvests electricity from wifi signals in the air! they just popped up at CES

Wi-Fi signal converted into electricity? so you can charge your phone off of wifi? i was just talking about how this should be a thing last night!