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a baby is sleeping on a blanket with basketballs
Baby Noah {Northern California | Sacramento Newborn Photographer}
a baby is sleeping on top of a black box with white fur and red shoes
Baby Jordan Photoshoot
a baby wrapped in pink is surrounded by flowers
Floral theme newborn photo shoot
a baby wearing glasses and a hat is sleeping on top of a wooden box with a book
Boss baby in the making. Newborn photography. #weelovephotography
a baby in a chef's hat is sleeping on a pot
Baby Chef Photoshoot. Wee love photography
a baby is sleeping in a chair with a hat on it's head and plaid pants
a baby in a bathtub surrounded by purple and white balloons, is featured for the cover of we love photography follow
Floral theme baby photography
a baby is laying in a basket with the word love spelled out next to it
Newborn in a basket Photoshoot
a baby laying on top of a white bed with red flowers around it and wearing an orange dress
Newborn girl photography
a baby sitting in an old suitcase wearing a chef's hat and white shirt
Burberry Baby boy photography
a baby is smiling while holding a teddy bear
Baby boy with Teddy bear Photoshoot
there is a baby that is laying on a bed
Newborn Twin Spa Day PhotoShoot
a baby is laying in a basket with pink flowers
Newborn new in a basket Photoshoot