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a water pump with the words, ways to lower utility bills without spending a dime
33 Ways to Lower Your Utility Bills
a chalkboard with two light bulbs and the words reduce your energy bill written on it
5 Practical Ways to Save on your Energy Bills
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10 Ways to Keep Warm Without Electricity
the energy bill is shown in this poster
10 Amazing Graphs That Will Help You Save Money
5 Hacks To Reduce Your Home’s Energy Use
5 Hacks To Reduce Your Home’s Energy Use
smart buys to save on summer bills
The 25 Easiest Ways to Save Energy (and Dollars) This Summer
a man is using a vacuum to clean the floor
How to keep your house running smoothly, month by month
a calculator, pen and money with the title 6 easy hacks to lower your electric bill
6 Easy Hacks to Lower Your Electric Bill
a bunch of appliances that are sitting on the floor
11 Ways to Get Free Appliances for Low-Income Families - MoneyPantry
an electrical device plugged into the side of a wall
Household Appliance Calculator
a ceiling fan with wooden blades in a room
How Much Electricity Different Items in Your House Use
a blender sitting on top of a counter next to a toaster and coffee maker
What Appliances Use the Most Energy? — 1000Bulbs Blog
a man leaning over a microwave oven on top of a wooden counter in a kitchen
9 Times You Should Replace Rather Than Repair Home Appliances