My dreams *o*

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a Minha Cara :P

Nerd Glasses MacBook Decal- if I ever get my new computer!

Ainda vou colocar um adesivo desse no meu :)

Macbook i want this on it too, i dont care if it costs like a tenner for a sticker lol

iPad 3... *¬*

Apple iPads, Android aPads ePads - Find great deals here on tablets here


Apple iMac Desktop - - Intel Core 2 Duo - Ram - HDD - Mac OS X Snow Leopard Quietly introduced without a press release, the

New Hyundai i30 *o*

Hopefully coming soon to World Hyundai! This will be the 2013 Hyundai Elantra Touring, probably NOT going under the name as it does in Europe.

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