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Want to learn the Ring Muscleup? Coach Paul breaks it down with 10 unique progressions and scalings this Wednesday in our #gymnastics #crossfit class. #ringmuscleup #ringmuscleups
CrossFit Gymnastics. Build the strength and skill to accomplish some of CrossFit's toughest exercises. Chocked full of progressions and skill work, our gymnastics class helps build the technique to master exercises like the Bar Rollover, Ring Muscleup, Handstand Walks, and more. All Fitness Levels Welcome. #barrollover #toestobar #crossfitgymnastic #gymastics #reversemuscleup #muscleup #muscleupprogressions.
#gymastics this Wednesday. Hips to Bar, Toes to Bar, Knees to Elbow, and related exercises to help build core strength to execute the Bar Rollover. After the skill work, we take on a short #metcon featuring the medball clean and the gymnastics skill we just practiced. The WOD concludes with some lat stretches and mobility. #toes2bar #crossfitgymnastics


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Join Coach Paul on Friday for a Total Body Chipper Saturday brings a brutal combo of Gymnastics and Deadlifts Take on Paul head-to-head in the Rx scaling or scale it down to your own level. Two Free Ostrim Beef Sticks for all attendees! See you then! #rxd #crossfit


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There are many reasons that hiring a Personal Trainer could be beneficial both for short term and long term periods. A personal trainer can do anything from teaching proper movement patterns to motivation. We break down the top 10 reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer. 1. Motivation 2. Consistency 3. Injury Prevention 4. Supervision / Eyes on you. 5. Accountability 6. Individualized Plan 7. Workout out through an Injury 8. We are Teachers 9. Avoid Plateaus 10. Fun
Today we are 150 Members Strong. 150 members of different races, ethnicity, ability, ages, and genders all working together to improve our health, strength, and conditioning. That up 30 members since November ... and I could not have done it without our outstanding coaches @ptrainrmax @brian.leos.77, @markrebok, @ira.bagheera, @ardent_fitness,@kroblinger @ktgunn1, @envoye_le, and of course @dawn_sscf.

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Join Amanda for deadlift day as we build to a one Rep max. Afterwards, we do some accessory work with the stiff leg deadlift. Plus we add in some bonus grip work for good measure. #deadlift #crossfit #heavyday
Ring It Proud. 🔔 10 Personal Records in One Night. Congratulations everyone! Keep it up 👍. #pr #personalrecord #splitjerk #crossfit. @pcandc @rodri_yosvany @aureliagracia_ @whereintheworldisholly @paul_sscf @keilita_medina @lunaboricua
Snatch 20 pound increase on my one rep max barbell snatch. Went up smooth and easy. On the second video, you can see I missed the lift. So I went back down and built up to it. With #powerlifting and #olympiclifting you have to build up your neurological system and hone in on your mistakes. Watch your technique in slow-motion and fix your faults. My new PR? I haven’t practiced the snatch since my last pr, but I suspect I owe the improvement to beyond stretch to help with the overhead squa

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Most Improved Athlete is one of our most difficult challenges to win. With over 150 athletes at Sand and Steel Fitness, winning the most improved athletes means you are in the top 0.75 percent. The best of the best. We can think of no other athlete who has made more improvement, overcome more obstacles, and has been more inspirational than Bob Merker.
The Sand and Steel Fitness Assessment has been carefully built and tested by over 100 coaches across 1000s of personal training clients.  Painstakenly improved and upgraded as new technologies became available our Fitness Assessment remains the sine qua non of fitness benchmark for personal training.

Personal Training

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September 9th WOD AMRAP 18 Minutes 50 Rip Trainer Plyo Lunge 25 Sandball Cleans 25 Hip Thrusts 195/155 #hipthrust #glutes #buttsandguts #hipthruster #riptrainer
Butts & Guts — build strength where it counts. Feet elevated Hip Thrusts, banded seared clams, and Mobility Walk of shame round out Thursday’s class.
Butts & Guts is our Core and Hips Class. It helps strengthen your entire core and hips areas to build strength and improve your physique. In this class, we we did Frog Thrusts and 3 core exercises: Banded Bird Dogs, Reverse Crunch, and Crunch in Hollow Body Hold. #strong #powerlifting #hipthrust #fitnessclass #alexandriava #strengthtraining

Butts & Guts

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Scalings for All Fitness Levels Socially Distanced - Generously Spaced Scrub Down After Every Class All Members Wear Face Masks CrossFit KORE -- Try a Free Class on Us.
When performing a squat like the Goblet Squat, you need to keep your squat very upright. We want to position the kettlebell as close to midline as we can. If you lean down, you'll wind up hurting your back. As with all squats, we also want to keep your hips open. "Knees out" is a common coaching cue we use to help members keep their position. Typically, you'll want to turn your feet out at about 20 degrees off-center.

CrossFit KORE

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I can't make it any simpler than that. If you aren't working on your mobility, you are leaving reps and pounds on the table. If you want to get: Stronger, Faster, Leaner, you need to focus on your technique and optimize your mobility. QED #BeyondStretch #FireFlow #mobility #crossfit
Today, I worked unilateral leg stability. If you want to get really strong at squats and deadlifts — making sure you have strong control of your core is a must. Core includes your hips— and these 3 hip corrective exercises are excellent for athletes of all levels. -Coach Paul #crossfit #correctiveexercise #physicaltherapy
Read the Chalkboard -- I can't make it any simpler than that. If you aren't working on your mobility, you are leaving reps and pounds on the table. If you want to get: Stronger, Faster, Leaner, you need to focus on your technique and optimize your mobility. QED #BeyondStretch #FireFlow #Mobility #CrossFit

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Learn the foundations of Olympic Lifting and CrossFit. In this class, we show some of skills and drills for improving clean with a medball. Try a free a class today. #crossfit
Coach Katy brings a powerhouse performance to a very challenging workout featuring double unders, thrusters, and pullups. Today's workout "Peyton" features CrossFit programming written by Katy and mobility work written by Paul. It's a full body workout with plenty of time for skills practice. Thank you Katy for such a great workout! Good luck everyone -- the fun starts at 5PM, 6PM, and 7PM tonight. #metcon #crossfit #mobility #weight #conditioning #doubleunders #thrusters #pullups.
Sunday, June 6: Clean & Jerks + Burpees Monday, June 7: Front Squat and Overhead Lunges Tuesday, June 8: Farmers Carries and Thrusters Friday, June 11: Pride Throwdown Preview (Thrusters, Rowing, Deadlifts) Sunday, June 13: Just a PVC -- PVC Snatch and 400M Run Monday, June 14: For Load -- 5 Deadlifts + 1 Olympic Clean Wednesday, June 16: For Load -- 5 Front Squats + 2 Split Jerks

CrossFit Metcon

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Certifications   	200-Hour Yoga Teacher Certification  	Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative and Chair Yoga  	Meditation  	Pranayama (Control of Breath)  	Experience teaching yoga in Germany and the US  	CPR/AED
Yoga Teacher Certifications   	Registered Yoga Teacher 200 RYT
CrossFit Certifications CrossFit Coach | Personal Trainer CrossFit Programming CrossFit Spot the Flaw Certified CPR/AED (American Red Cross)

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