Cuerda seca

Cuerda seca: Cuerda seca (Spanish for "dry cord") is a technique used when applying coloured glazes to ceramic surfaces. When different coloured glazes are applied to a ceramic surface, the glazes have a tendency to run together during the firing process.

I love this stained glass mosaic mirror from StarryNightStudios99 on Etsy.

Beautiful jewel-like colors of stained glass. Mirror frame is x in size. Mirror opening is x in size. Sides and back are painted black. Ready to hang with wire hangar.

Love the quilted look.

Moldura De Espelho em mosaico Patchwork

Love the quilted look. (cut free w/m paint chips into tiny squares, arrange, glue on, seal w clear coat spray)

Espejo de mosaico azul y blanco

15 inch square mosaic mirror, ready to hang. The colors are gradual from white to cobalt blue. Some glass has been fired in the kiln to give it a softer look,. The edges are blue grout. Glass and mirror is reclaimed. The back is painted wood. 736x 96 a9 bb 96a9bbc44f7f70476e7835795b8b096e.jpg 736x 96 a9 bb 96a9bbc44f7f70476e7835795b8b096e.jpg