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a large metal container sitting on top of a green floor next to a red door
Pin by Oldsteelportugal on Oildrum furniture | Cafe interior design, Garage design, Garage furniture
Neon Sign Bedroom | Gothic Home Decor | Play Dirty Neon Sign | LED Sign | Custom Neon Sign
Play Dirty Neon Sign - Add some spice to your space! Our bright neon sign will add a unique flair to your bedroom, kitchen, living room, or office. Perfect for those on the wild side. Custom designed by our artists - the Play Dirty Neon sign will bring a sultry flair into your everyday life. #neonsign
four different images of a person taking a selfie in a mirror with pink trim
Trifold mirror 3 $5 mirrors, 6 hinges (screw's included), drill bit, screwdriver, measuring tape. The hinges were from Walmart, the top hinge is 7.5" from top, second hinge is 16.5" from the top of the first hinge & third hinge is also 16.5" from the middle hinge. I placed the hinges and marked where the screw's will go before screwing anything in.
a room with black walls and white furniture in the center, pink accents on the wall
Put hinges on three inexpensive mirrors ...
funny bathroom decor labels with the words
pin up bathroom decor
pin up bathroom decor