The Barn Roastery; Mitte, Berlin, i like the finish on the bar/ counter as well as the lights and the white/ light - ness of the space

The Barn Roastery; Mitte, Berlin::This gives me the vision of wrapping the kitchen island in barn wood!

Built in.

upstairs flat hallway as part of the entrance cupboard. Great idea to put a study area and bookshelf behind what seems like a cupboard door. Great use of space.


grey cabinets ~wood accents ~painted tounge & groove walls for the kitchen island

Bakeri | Brooklyn, NY

The old Star Bakery, no bakery but the sign still remains. cupcake shop + a shasta vintage trailer = love. Miniature Cakes for Bakery Bake.


Maybe use this for the lights if we can't get the fluorescents replaced. use the beams for hanging the lights between

Bakery Przystanek Piekarnia by Maciej Kurkowski

Bakery "Przystanek Piekarnia" by Maciej Kurkowski