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the diagram shows how to use water for heating and air conditioning in an apartment building
Pozos Canadienses: Tecnología Natural De Bajo Coste Para Climatizar Tu Casa Ahorrando Energía
two pictures showing the same kitchen and living room in different stages of being remodeled with new appliances
Tubos de luz Solar: iluminación NATURAL en espacios interiores
Tubos de Luz Solar【100% Natural】para ILUMINAR INTERIORES
a person holding a cell phone with the text las mejores app para arquietos
Cómo hacer planos con tu celular || Aplicaciones para arquitectos -
an architectural model of a city with buildings and trees on the sides, along with roads
Gallery of New BIG-Designed Neighborhood to Activate Aarhus’ Waterfront - 18
Gallery - New BIG-Designed Neighborhood to Activate Aarhus’ Waterfront - 18
some people are laying down on the ground by the water and one person is walking
Hafencity Public Space di Miralles Tagliabue EMBT | Parchi
Hafencity Public Space
the steps are yellow and black to allow people to climb up or down them,
¡Cuánta razón! / Perfil de pinguino11 en
IDEAS - que facilitan la vida
a woman in high heels walking across a metal grate
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Seguro que fue una mujer la de la idea.
two pictures with people standing in front of straw huts and one has a measuring device on it
Water Clever Concept! - Yanko Design
Obviously water pumps should have see-saws on them! Countries in parts of Africa still rely on the bore-well system to pump drinking water out of the ground. The Seesaw Well allows you to offload the pumping activity to children by disguising in the avatar of a seesaw. The upward and downward movement allows the well to pump up water, hands-free, while keeping the kids entertained!
there are three different images of people in the same room, one with a skateboard on it
A right-minded right-angled handrail - Yanko Design
Simple in its design and description, the Right Angle Stair Handrail proposes a handrail that mirrors the stair’s contours. Probably not the ideal handrail to slide down from, the Right Angle Stair Handrail makes itself easier for people who actually use and need it for support. The handrail’s design even pays attention to the small details, like rounding off the edges of the handrail, so that they don’t hurt anyone.
an instagram page with a drawing of a house
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