African house

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an outdoor swimming pool next to a white building with flowers growing on the windows and steps
Beach House by Landry Design Group | 1stDibs
a wooden walkway leading to some water lilies
Inspiration Station: Low Impact Homes
an adobe style house with a wooden door and decorative decorations on the front entrance to it
Classic New Mexico Homes
two pictures of small white houses in the desert, one is made out of clay
HomeMade Modern EP74 Standing Desk
an entrance to a home with cactus and succulents in the foreground
an outdoor area with stone walls and wooden structures
These are the World's Best Hotel Spas - World of Wanderlust
a large building made out of different types of tiles on the beach with people standing around it
The Zonohedral Cathedral
an artisticly designed building with lots of light coming in from the ceiling and people walking around
Local Temple design unveiled in India | BWNS
an artist's rendering of a circular building in the middle of a grassy area
Local Temple design unveiled in India | BWNS