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16 Ways To Make Your Backyard FUNtastic This Summer [Pinned to this board for the yard...the YARD, in the forest!! Gorgeous!]

16 Ways To Make Your Backyard FUNtastic This Summer

Giant Water Slide You never grow out of good old fashioned fun! Use a plastic tarp, and a bit of soap to make this the greatest water slide EVER.

Juegos infantiles con botellas pintadas

50 Outdoor Games to DIY This Summer

DIY Ring Toss Game - Turn old goods into fun, seasonal projects with these 3 simple, summer-time crafts!

DIY Crafts | Turn old bleach containers into a fun ball catch game

Fun Outdoor Games for Kids Birthday Parties

Bottle Catch Don't throw away those empty bleach bottles -- transform them into an outdoor catching game! Cut the end off a cleaned bleach bottle and remove the label. Wrap the bottle with colorful tape, and you're ready to play catch!