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a table with plants and pictures on it in front of a window, next to a potted plant
interior, exterior, home decor
a shop with lots of hanging plants and other things on the wall, including clocks
an overhead view of a desk with many items on it, including books and magazines
Risko Drawing Desk
An amazing wooden desk design 😍 Who wouldn't want to have this table? Risko Drawing Desk by @digitalab for Viarco What are your thoughts? Write your comment below! 📌Tag someone who would love this. Email for business requests⁠ 🔔 Turn Posts Notifications ON, don't miss our content!⁠ © Photo owners| DM for credits or remove⁠ ✔ Follow us on Facebook & Pinterest⁠ 📣 #mavigadget #design #homeofficeideas #woodworking #homerenovation #moderntable #modern #productdesign ⁠
a room with a couch, desk and mirror in it's centerpieces
a bedroom with a desk and shelves filled with bottles on the wall next to a bed
部屋全体/ウォールステッカー/子供部屋/DIY/手作り家具...などのインテリア実例 - 2017-05-17 21:59:47 | RoomClip(ルームクリップ)
an old fashioned typewriter sitting on top of a wooden desk next to a potted plant
a wooden desk topped with lots of drawers and baskets next to a shelf filled with items
机/雑貨達のインテリア実例 - 2014-03-20 00:11:36 | RoomClip(ルームクリップ)
雑貨達/机のインテリア実例 - 2014-03-19 15:11:36 | RoomClip(ルームクリップ)
an old wooden workbench with lots of drawers and boxes on the floor next to it
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