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Adidas X_PLR

Adidas X_PLR RunnerClick

When Adidas first released their X_PLR shoe, reviewers and consumers alike couldn’t help but notice that it looked very similar to their NMD models. Upon noticing its smaller price tag and lack of technological advancements seen in the brand’s other recent models, such as a Boost midsole or Primeknit upper, reviewers dubbed the Adidas X_PLR “the poor man’s NMD.” Still, despite its lack of fine-tuned features, the Adidas X_PLR has become very popular with those who enjoy Adidas’ trademark…

Adidas NMD Racer Primeknit #adidas

Adidas NMD Racer Primeknit RunnerClick

The Adidas NMD line prioritizes comfort, flexibility, and minimalistic style above all other features, and their Racer Primeknit model is no exception. Because this shoe is not equipped with many of the same features as other NMD designs and has not been on the market as long as Adidas’s other casual shoes, this is not exactly a best-selling item. Therefore, a limited amount of online information and reviews are given about this shoe’s specific details. Still, its level of comfort and…

Adidas EQT Cushion ADV

Adidas EQT Cushion ADV RunnerClick

Out of all the modern footwear brands that consistently manufacture popular running apparel, Adidas is a company with a truly impressive history. Founded in Germany nearly 100 years ago, this brand has grown to dominate the market with their well-designed shoes, tracksuits, and gym bags, among other fitness-related accessories. They are second only to Nike in terms of popularity, and they manage to hold this impressive status by consistently creating fantastic looking and feeling products…

Adidas Swift Run

Adidas Swift Run RunnerClick

By utilizing a mix of breathable comfort and their classic athletic design, Adidas has constructed their Swiftrun model to be the ideal casual shoe for both everyday activities and leisurely workouts. Its stretchy, sock-like fit and wide toe front allow for an easeful wear, while the EVA foam midsole cushions all movements and provides excellent shock absorption to keep pedestrians and runners going for miles. Adidas' signature stripes, paired with lines of embroidery on the front and heal…

Adidas Terrex Solo

Adidas Terrex Solo RunnerClick

Adidas may be known for their high-quality running and athletic shoes, but they are also becoming a force in the hiking and off-road arena too. The Terrex Solo is a shoe that is designed for the athlete who is not afraid of a little adventure. The shoe can handle climbing, hiking, running, and fast-paced transitions between each. Runners love this shoe for adventure racing and endurance racing. The shoe combines a breathable upper, an abrasion resistant outsole and unbeatable grip and…

Adidas 1 5923 #adidas #running #shoes

Adidas 1 5923 RunnerClick

Adidas reaches into their archives to pull inspiration from some of their most prolific runners and athletes of the 70s for the inspiration for these shoes. The 1-5923’s feature a combination of updated, fashion-forward style with a retro, vintage flair. These shoes are comfortable enough to wear all day, functional enough to use for long runs and certainly stylish enough to add as a fashionable accessory to your everyday wardrobe. The easy on, easy off engineering gives the shoe a…

Adidas Supernova Trail #adidas #adidasfitness

Adidas Supernova Trail RunnerClick

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Adidas Response Limited

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Adidas Pureboost All-Terrain

Adidas Pureboost All-Terrain RunnerClick

The undisputed king of athletic apparel is Nike. The first thing that pops into a person’s head when they imagine a typical running shoe is going to be a Nike product nine times out of ten. Because of this, many of the next most popular footwear manufacturers are simply trying to capture some of Nike’s success by imitating their designs. What makes Adidas so special and cements its place as the second most recognizable athletic apparel brand is that they don’t attempt simple mimicry in order…

Adidas Adizero Ubersonic

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Adidas Terrex Agravic

Adidas Terrex Agravic RunnerClick

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Adidas CrazyTrain Elite

Adidas CrazyTrain Elite RunnerClick

The Adidas CrazyTrain Elite was intended to provide the wearer with more economic benefit than the other training shoes on the market. This economic benefit refers, of course, to the biomechanical efficiency afforded to the wearer of the shoe rather than any specific monetary benefit. It incorporates a modified version of Adidas’s patented and much-lauded Boost technology, and the inclusion of this technology is one of its biggest selling points. Suffice it to say, that many in the exercise…

Adidas NMD XR1

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Adidas NMD R2

Adidas NMD R2 Reviewed for Performance and Quality | RunnerClick

The second edition of the Adidas NMD, the R2, features some minor changes, new colorways, and comes in two unique styles. Similar to the R1, the R2 features a sock-like slip-on upper with a Primeknit fabric. Like its predecessor, the R2 features ultra-comfy Boost cushioning and combines fashion and comfort. The shoe, designed with the nomadic urban dweller in mind, works for all types of activities. These activities include running, walking, and heading out to dinner with friends. If the…

Adidas Tubular Shadow

Adidas Tubular Shadow RunnerClick

Available in more than 20 style options, the Adidas Tubular Shadow is not a fancy, high-tech sneaker nor does it contain Adidas' popular Boost or Bounce cushioning. The omission of these materials helps to keep the price down. What the Tubular Shadow does have going for it, though, is that it's an attractive shoe. It's even popular with celebrities! The lifestyle shoe is coveted by wearers for its incredibly stylish design. Recently, Adidas launched 9 updated Tubular colorways. While you…

Adidas Prophere

Adidas Prophere Fully Reviewed and Compared | RunnerClick

The Adidas Prophere is a hot new release which features a blend of the UltraBoost's silhouette and a Primeknit upper construction that's reminiscent of the Adidas NMD. But, don't be fooled, this new release doesn't actually feature any Boost cushioning. Billed as a retro throwback to the '90s, this Adidas brand shoe features a modern twist. Retro is all the rage this year and with the Prophere it's all about blending classic with trendy. This super unique looking shoe is a good choice for…