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Llavero Frida Al Crochet

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Patrón en español / Pattern in English: Amigurumi Food: ProyeKto Amigurumi Combo

Amigurumi Food: Hamburger, Rainbow Lemonade and French Fries - Free Pattern…

Lanukas: Pastel de cumpleaños amigurumi

Amigurumi Cake - Crochet pattern in both Spanish and English (scroll down for English).

Elfin Thread Baby Beer Amigurumi Keychain / por ElfinThread

Elfin Thread - Baby Beer Amigurumi Keychain / Keyring PDF Pattern (Miniature mug- beer Jar Kyring pattern)

Twinkie Chan http://www.twinkiechan.com/

Las sabrosas bufandas de Twinkie Chan

Indulge in comfort food without ingesting a calorie with this pepperoni pizza scarf by Twinkie Chan. The super-long scarf is made of merino wool, while its "toppings" are made of a wool-and-acrylic blend. This handmade pepperoni pizza scarf is