BRILLIANT!!  One of those duh-why-didn't-I-think-of-that things ;)

Why didn't someone tell me sooner?! Part 2

Write a dosing chart with marker on medicine bottles to keep track of when meds were taken. Especially helpful when multiple family member are sick, or when you have ‘medicine head’ yourself. such a great idea!

{Guest Post} Twelve Sensory Play Recipes by Blog Me Mom for Fun at Home with Kids

{Guest Post} Twelve Sensory Play Recipes

love the tree idea with textured flowers... probably would do a different color scheme, or at least replace the pink with golden or mustard yellow

Room Decorating Before and After Makeovers

Baby Girls Nursery, or the the wall decor for a little girls room

Adorable headband ideas

cute baby head bands - Kristen, I loved headbands as a kid. Katie always took them off the minute Mom's hands were off her head. Wanna know if you'll have a girly girl? She'll either respond like me or K

I have some baby showers in the future... this would be a neat extra 'throw-in' to make :)

I have some baby showers in the future. this would be a neat extra 'throw-in' to make :) // DIY Kids

@Sarah Scott @Amy Louton @Danielle Robinette here is the best 1st bday party craft EVER for the happy new toddler!!!! HOMEMADE GRIPPER SOCKS! (bebe lived in these on our hardwood floors!)

Use puffy paint to make skid proof socks.who wants skid proof socks? i spray dusting stuff on my hardwood floors to slide around twice as much!

No quieres que se cierre la puerta con tu bebe adentro del cuarto? Prueba esto sólo necesitas un pedazo de tela y dos ligas para pelo

Close interior doors silently: the Latchy Catchy are small accessories for doors that help to prevent undesirable noises and slamming doors that can wake the baby. They are adjustable, economical and a good gift for expectant moms.


Wall Decals - Owls on a Tree - Baby Nursery Decals

DIY: Perchas de animalitos ¡Decoración ideal para habitaciones infantiles!

DIY: Perchas de animalitos ¡Decoración ideal para habitaciones infantiles!

DIY: animal hooks Decorate a baby’s nursery with this wildly adorable coat rack, seen on "The Martha Stewart Show." To add texture, like fur, to your creatures, apply paint over the base coat using a stippling brush. LITTLE SAFARI ROOM

Do-the-road-with-magnetic-paint-and-add-magnets-to-the-cars...-Playroom.jpg 550×912 pixels this would be a great idea for Colin's room.

Do the road with magnetic paint and add magnets to the cars. Such a cute idea for a little boy's bedroom or play room!

cot bumpers

Designing a kid's room differs from designing the rest of rooms in your house. A kid's room is a room where you can be more creative.