Refined Rustic Bathroom

Bathroom: reclaimed oak used else- where in the house is stained for a darker, more refined look. The countertop is concrete, and the mirror surround is zinc. The photo features the wife’s grandfather, an avid skier, … Continue reading →

JA House / Filipi Pina + Maria Ines Costa Detalle escalera

JA House / Maria Ines Costa + Filipe Pina

Lovely yellow commode

Update any piece of furniture with a few coats of yellow eggshell. This cupboard does all the talking here!

Escribo esta vez para pedir consejo de como plantear dos tramos de 8 peldaños para hacer una escalera en el exterior de una casa en construcción. La anchura de la escalera sería de 120 cm. Y tenemos idea de hacerla encofrada -rampa y peldaños todo a...

I write this time to ask for advice on how to pose two steps to make a staircase outside a house under construction. The width of the staircase would be 120 cm. And we have the idea to make it formwork - shack and steps to everything .

KN House / Adrei-studio Architecture / Tứ Liên, Tây Hồ, Hanoi, Vietnam

Galería de KN House / Adrei-studio Architecture - 21

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