La nueva forma de decorar tu hogar, piedras pintadas con mandalas ¡El mejor estilo

Mandala Rocks Tutorial Learn The Tricks

How To Make DIY Painted Rocks - 30 Tutorials and Inspirational Diagrams. Click the link under each tutorial diagram for full information. Elspeth McLean ( McLean) paints ocean rocks with thousands of tiny dots.

DIY Mandala Stone Patterns To Copy (34)

40 DIY Mandala Stone Patterns To Copy

Once you are done with transferring the design on to the stone and it has completely dried off, then ensure that you cover it with a protective coating so that the design is not disturbed or spoiled over time.

Whoever does not carry the beauty within the soul will not find it anywhere, - Noel Claraso

Luke Brown art - Spectral Eyes - I shook Luke Browns hand at Symbiosis Gathering

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Mandala of Unity, Original Mandala Painting, Print on Canvas, Contemporary Living Room Decor, Healing Art Gift for Easter. New Age Mandala

mándala azul


Bushflower Dream - healing flower essences from the Australian bush. Handpainted mandala by Rosalind Gittings

@solitalo Mandala de Amor y Energía Buenos días: Las Semillas Divinas de Los Códigos Sagrados Numéricos se propagan a los Cuatro Vientos como señales, para recoger frutos de esperanza, Justicia, y …

Semillas Divinas de Los Códigos Sagrados Numéricos


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Serpentine Fire This is a newer painting of an older style showing how a mandala unfolds into a life of its own. Serpentine Fire came into being by simply being in flow with the Divine Feminine.

Mandala De colores Tibetano

Mandala De colores Tibetano

"Compassion is nothing more than wishing separation from pain. Great compassion will give you the feeling of wanting to serve and remove pain from every living being equally.