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a large pile of trash sitting on top of a mountain
Sign Petition: The "Great Fashion Garbage Patch" Is an Environmental Crisis. Regulate Fast Fashion Now!
an image of the earth with different colors on it
NASA spots sign of El Niño from space: 'If it's a big one, the globe will see record warming'
Energy Projects, Our Environment, Oil And Gas, All Of Us, Renewable Energy, Solar Energy, Terms Of Service, Solar Power
Sign Petition: Texas Republicans Are Causing Climate Chaos, and All of Us Will Suffer Because of It
an image of the earth from space with stars in the background and blue hues
Climate action | Neste
a map shows the climate shift in the united states
New technologies could keep people cool in a warming world
an aerial view of rows of solar panels in a field with blue sky and brown grass
Despairing about climate change? These 4 charts on the unstoppable growth of solar may change your mind
a model airplane is hanging from the side of a building
Northvolt targets zero-emission aviation with ‘superior’ lithium metal battery
an underwater view of some corals and other marine life
Record surface heat could turn oceans into global warming 'time bomb'
a woman wearing a face mask and bags of toilet paper next to an image of trees that have been cut down
Sign Petition: Charmin Toilet Paper Is Destroying Canadian Forests
the desert is barren and has no grass
The Great Salt Lake is shrinking. What can we do to stop it?
a globe in plastic wrap sitting on top of a white surface with light coming from behind it
Climate change pitting humans and wildlife against each other, say conservationists
several windmills are shown in the middle of a field with green grass and blue sky
Wind and solar power generation hit record highs last year, providing 12% of global electricity