reusable "paper towels"

Snapping Reusable Paper Towels and Lunch Bag Sets! Convenience of paper towels meets the cost/sustainability of dish towels.

So the above items aren't all healthy. But the idea is great: Turn a tackle/craft box into your own personal wonderland of snacks. This is so thrilling you should probably just make one and carry it around with you at all times.

12 Healthy DIY Travel Snacks To Bring On A Plane

Road trip food kit, and other tips for traveling with kids. (Well, why leave it just for kids? This is a great idea adults who have long road trips, too. I bet I could find even healthier foods to put in the tackle box.) diy-and-crafts

reusable sandwich bags.

Tutorial: Sew a reusable sandwich bag

DIY reusable snack/sandwich bags using repurposed mylar. FREE Tutorial includes template, instructions, photos and tips!

This is so cool!  From newspapers - and there are how-to instructions.  //  Most excellent.

Oooh, all the nifty and thrifty things you can create from old newspaper! This time I decided to weave them into a little basket. It turned out to actually be pretty sturdy, despite the flimsy newspaper pages.

Cosas que puedes hacer con cajas de madera #DIY

Cosas que puedes hacer con cajas de madera

reusable bag

Easy Knit Produce Bag, Make a Shopping Bag or Market Bag from recycled T-Shirts, Step by Step Tutorial cool teenager crafts project, diy, shopping

Snack bags and sandwich wraps to make

Speckled Owl Studio: Reusable snack bags + free tutorial for a sandwich wrap