Lauhala inspired weaving patterns

Make a zig-zag weaved place mat. It's a great variation on the classic weaved mat. Requires white & colored paper, scissors, and tape

Learn to create beautiful texture to your weaving by following this step-by-step tutorial that utilizes 5 easy techniques. So simple and pretty!

DIY Weaving Techniques: 5 Simple Ways To Add Texture

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Want to weave a DIY wall hanging? These weaving techniques from Rachel Denbow's DIY Woven Art will inspire you and unleash your creativity.

DIY Wall Hanging Inspiration: Essential Techniques

Wild Salt Spirit: Create a gorgeous DIY wall hanging with these basic tapestry techniques: rya knots, loops, soumak, and more!

Creating Texture when Weaving Wool Roving

Weaving Techniques

Last week in my post on how to have two different warp thread colors, I had woven with wool roving. I have previously talked about weaving wool roving, but I

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Talking Colors with Wild Plum Co

This piece that is working on is so fresh and cherry! Doesn't it just make you think of spring? I love how my pink tools look in the piece as well!