Reaproveitamento de caixas de papel.

DIY drawer organizers - I'll have to find out if local shoe stores will give me shoe boxes,


DIY cardboard and burnt matches snowflake decor. Cut out cardboard snowflake shape


make these & spray paint black to prop up food or decorations (could brush on some gray &/or use some glue gun drizzles around rim of plate or down cup. baleiro feito à partir de materiais simples para festa (copo e prato) fonte: face


Here's another use for all your empty wine bottles. Necklace Display Idea - make a wooden board to fit over a wine bottle. (Maybe fill the bottom of the bottle with sand for stability).

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Trash to Treasure - Awesome way to reuse toilet paper rolls.

Pantalla de lámpara de cuerda - Rope lampshade diy

Craft a Colorful Rope Lampshade

All you need to make this bright DIY lampshade are paint, hot glue, and a little rope.~~Good Idea for my ocean inpired bedroom.

Velas de reciclaje con latas de atun

Look at this beautiful idea repurposing old tin cans into easy candle holders ! The complete steps can be found here (Diy Step House)

DIY Cardboard Pendant Light.. Best out of the waste.. Perhaps this is the best and easiest paper light you have seen ever!!

Creative way to create recycled stuffs

How to make a lamp with two plastic bottles #recycled #upcycled #reuse

Jak zrobić lampę z 2 plastikowych butelek/ How to make a lamp with two plastic bottles

laberinto de bolitas

Recycled craft for kids. Here is a good reuse for those cardboard rolls - make a marble run from paper towel rolls!


My DIY Projects: Turn Plastic Bottle to pot planter as Swan. Now to find diy for flamingo yard art.

Pantalla de lámpara hecha con lana super fácil de hacer.

Designer Paper Yarn Lamp: great idea for the single lamps for plants or terrariums

Vuelca un día 32 Ideas Diversión Artesanía Uso de las de viejos CD

32 Fun Craft Ideas Using Your Old CD's

Mandalas made from CDs! Try using Sharpies, puff paint, colored glue, or imitation stained glass paints. Source: New Mexico Art Therapy

Transformez une simple bouteille en plastique en arroseur pour enfants ! Il suffit de la fixer ensuite au tuyau d’arrosage avec de l’adhésif.

Des idées d’activités originales pour jouer dans le jardin

Make your own sprinkler for this summer. Use duck tape to attach to hose and just stab holes into a 2 liter bottle. makes so much more sense than those cheap sprinklers that break after a week& use!

enrHedando: Como hacer 2 Pulseras con Anillas de Lata Tutoriales

Manualidades a 0€, aprende manualidades gratis desde tu casa, sé autodidacta, ganate la vida siendo artesana ~ en-rhed-ando

upcycling pull tabs and DIY nice bracelet

407 15 Creative Recycling DIY Plastic Projects

Candy stand using repurposed plastic bottles - 15 Creative Recycling DIY Plastic Projects