Site uses Cyrillic script. But this is a cute easy project for the idea bank. would be easy to make out of fleece.

Twisted Crochet Neck Warmer (Easy!) By annekewiese - Free Crochet Pattern - (crochetinpaternoster.wordpress)

Twisted Crochet Neck Warmer

Cheryl Twisted Crochet Neck Warmer Scarf or boot cuffs (Easy!) By annekewiese - Free Crochet Pattern - (crochetinpaternoster.

Un detalle en la bluza...bien !!

DIY Fashion- some pretty cool ideas for sprucing up clothes! I love the colors of the beads, but to me, the shirt is too busy for the beads. I would do the beading on a white shirt - just call me plain jane :)

Entre Closets: DIY - Camiseta

how to upcycle a plain old tee shirt tutorial. I hate the higher neck tshirts (cheap to buy) so this would be interesting to do sewing-or-crafting