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three men with long hair and piercings posing for a photo
an advertisement for the band's album embrace of evil, featuring three women standing in front of a cross
Metal Kill The King
the poster for slayer's new album, which features images of heavy metal band members
a man with long hair on stage playing guitar
Ширмер, Марсель — Википедия
Ширмер, Марсель — Википедия
two women with long hair are holding guitars
a black shirt with an image of two men on it and the words destruction written in red
Destruction Rock Bands, Destruction Band
an advertisement for kreator featuring the band
The True Metal
three people standing in front of a bar with shirts on the wall and posters behind them
Quorthon《 Fakegram 》
two men with chains around their necks
The True Metal
two people on stage with guitars and one person holding a guitar in front of them
Steve Harris | Wiki | Metal Amino
the cover art for iron maiden somewhere in time
Somewhere in Time - Review by Justin88 - Encyclopaedia Metallum
three women standing in front of a cross
Taurelin's Dark Recollections