Every house has a story.  Leave yours behind for someone else to find one day....

Light Switch Time Capsule

I ran across this light switch time capsule project a while back. Basically, one puts brief message on the back of a switch-plate to be found by a future occupant. Isn’t that better than leav…

The 10 ways to wear a summer scarf

10 Ways to Wear a Summer Scarf on DailyLook. Click the image link to shop the scarf! I love love love scarves, both summer and winter styles. They really add a little som' som' to an outfit that'd otherwise be boring.

mexican embroidery / Quiero esto en mi living !

Travel Inspiration for Mexico - Mexican embroidery. The industry Mexico City is known for in Nightstealer.

gorg. DIY: thumbtack word art.

I have so many fucking thumbtacks its ridiculous - You Me Oui Thumbtack Art by All Things Bright

Jane Austen is awesome.

But I don't want to find my own Mr Darcy! I want the perfect original fictional character Mr Darcy! The one that Jane Austen wrote about and the one she intended him to be! Thats the Mr Darcy I want!

Washi Tape Gift Wrapping / Washi Tape para envolturas

These tape gift tags are great! Just buy some blank tags from the store and wrap them in your favorite tape.

Great idea for a easy, interesting backdrops when photographing babies or young ones.  Fabric!

Clara's Weekly Baby Photo Project Continues... Sorta

Strom photo back drop - using wrapping paper. I have cute wrapping papers too . Would be cute Christmas card with holiday paper.

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