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Simon Carter Made With Liberty Fabric Catherine Rowe Shirt Product Code: SCSH00449 £145.00

Simon Carter Catherine Rowe Liberty Fabric Shirt

Catherine Rowe is a London based designer who won Liberty’s Open Design challenge with this enchanting design of semi mythical woodland creatures. Rich in colour and symbolism, it’s a shirt that bridges that formal and casual gap effortlessly

Simon Carter Matisse Print Product Code: SCSH00474 Simon Carter, Island Shirts, Fish Print, Liberty Fabric, Mario, Fishing Shirts, Check Shirt, Matisse, Printed Shirts

Simon Carter Matisse Print Shirt

Yes, it’s bold. And yes, you will be noticed. But for all the right reasons. Taking inspiration from late Matisse and the colours of Gauguin, here’s a shirt to brighten any day. Strongly coloured semi-abstract plants compete for your attention. Dare you wear it?

Simon Carter Lemon Grove Product Code: SCSH00472 Ice Cream Sign, Al Fresco Dinner, Simon Carter, Island Shirts, Ripe Fruit, Fish Print, Liberty Fabric, Fishing Shirts, Printed Shirts

Simon Carter Lemon Grove Shirt

Ah, to be on Ischia in late summer….the heady scent of the lemon grove…the promise of an icy glass of Limoncello after a leisurely al fresco dinner...I’ve tried to capture the lustre of ripe fruit in the sunlight. A shirt for all the senses.

Simon Carter Jandals Print Product Code: SCSH00463 £125.00 Simon Carter, Linen Blazer, Trunks, Colours, Future, Digital, Mens Tops, How To Wear, Shirts

Simon Carter Shirt Jandals

Almost a neat geometric when viewed from afar, this versatile shirt is a grid of multi coloured flip flops. Cheerful and fun, the range of colours in this design mean you can wear it with anything from trunks to a linen blazer.

Simon Carter Wobbly Fish Striped Product Code: SCSH00462 Simon Carter, Fishing Shirts, Blue Stripes, Your Style, Fantasy, Shirt Dress, Shorts, Classic, Portugal

Simon Carter Wobbly Fish Shirt

Take a classic pin striped blue shirt, on a white background, and run a shoal of fantasy fishes through it. Well, why not? The effect is cheerful and mildly disorientating. It’s as if M C Escher was allowed to do shirts. Equally as good with shorts or chinos, and perfect for those upcoming barbeques….

Simon Carter Made With Liberty Fabric Tropical Prince Product Code: SCSH00453 Simon Carter, Liberty Fabric, Shades Of Blue, Paisley, Prince, Tropical, Shirt Dress, Future, Grey

Simon Carter Shirt Tropical Prince

You can rely on Liberty for a cracker of a Paisley and they don’t disappoint here. The scale and texturing are spot on and produce a rich effect. The shades of blue are enhanced with details in grey and make this a very wearable shirt.

Simon Carter Made With Liberty Fabric Tou-Can Hide Product Code: SCSH00451 £145.00 Simon Carter, Island Shirts, Lemurs, Fish Print, Liberty Fabric, Fishing Shirts, Bird Prints, Printed Shirts, Your Style

Simon Carter Tou can Hide Shirt

Lurking in the rain forest are all manner of vibrant animals. Cheeky Lemurs with their bushy tails and vibrant Toucans peep out from this rich design, a Liberty fabric. Perfect with jeans.

Simon Carter Made With Liberty Fabric Story Island Product Code: SCSH00450 £145.00 Simon Carter, Island Shirts, Island Map, Liberty Fabric, Graphic Prints, Neutral, 16th Century, Mermaids, Maps

Simon Carter Story Island Shirt

This shirt is inspired by 16th century island maps with old sea dogs, mythical mermaids and centaurs. It's a beautifully detailed print from Liberty and certain to catch the eye of any sea faring Captain...

Simon Carter Made With Liberty Fabric Sea Myths Product Code: SCSH00448 £145.00 Simon Carter, Liberty Fabric, Grey Shirt, Your Style, 16th Century, Sea Creatures, Unicorns, Maps, Portugal

Simon Carter Shirt Sea Liberty Fabric

Sea creatures! Beasts from the deep! Mer Unicorns! Here’s a fable on a shirt. Inspired by 16th century trading maps I like the whimsical nature of these imaginary maritime animals. Some look indignant and others seem bored.

Simon Carter White Feather Jacquard Shirt Product Code: FTHRJAC £65.00 Simon Carter, White Feathers, Feather Print, Shirt Dress, Mens Tops, Shirts, Fashion, Moda, Shirtdress

White Feather Jacquard Shirt

A white Jacquard shirt with Feather print.

Simon Carter Marble Print Shirt Product Code: MARBLE10 £67.50 Simon Carter, Marble Print, Liberty Fabric, Printed Shirts, Shirt Dress, Mens Tops, Fashion, Moda, Shirtdress

Marble Print Shirt

Exclusive Made with Liberty fabric Marble print sample shirt

Simon Carter WorldPool Shirt Product Code: SCSH00468 £135.00 Simon Carter, Jacquard Weave, Summer Shirts, Printed Shirts, Menswear, Spirals, Ark, Mens Tops, Silhouettes

Simon Carter Worldpool Shirt

Noah’s Ark on Magic Mushrooms….the swirling spirals animals is charming and engaging. From a distance it’s a riot of colour but up close, the detail is exquisite . Some are carefully detailed and coloured and others, like the toucan and flamingo, are simple silhouettes. This design is exclusive to us and we’ve only made a total of 73 so catch your creatures while you can….

Simon Carter Made With Liberty Fabric Morris Allotment Shirt Product Code: SCSH00407 £145.00 Simon Carter, Liberty Fabric, Allotment, Mario, Blues, Menswear, Shirt Dress, Future, Mens Tops

Simon Carter Morris Allotment Shirt

Here we imagine the creative genius of Mr Morris in his own kitchen garden. There’s gourds, sweet peas, chard and artichokes. The Arts and Crafts influence is clear but the design is softened by the restricted colour palette of blues and pale green. Printed in Italy, Liberty’s Tana Lawn cotton is famous for its softness and fine weave assuring comfort that just gets better with every wash.

Simon Carter Made With Liberty Fabric Forbidden Fruit Shirt Product Code: SCSH00404 £145.00 Simon Carter, Forbidden Fruit, Liberty Fabric, Liberty Of London, Summer Shirts, Menswear, Shirt Dress, Montana, Mens Tops

Simon Carter Forbidden Fruit Shirt

Forbidden Fruit shirt is another rich and sophisticated fabric from Liberty of London. I love the way that the oranges almost pop off the shirt, in contrast to the tropical birds, which are almost hidden, with only their vibrant tail feather giving them away.

Simon Carter Kew Botanical Shirt Product Code: SCSH00424 £135.00 Simon Carter, Dramatic Effect, Midnight Blue, Lily, V Neck, Pullover, Future, Mens Tops, Shirts

Simon Carter Kew Botanical Shirt

Go bold or go home! Kew Botanical has a midnight blue ground for a truly dramatic effect that highlights the lilies, dog roses and tulips that give the design such depth. Perfect with a fine gauge V neck pullover until the sun comes back, and then the perfect statement shirt for Spring.