bordado tipo cordoncillo

Three strands are encased in stitches but only one is connected to the fabric

Caseando, caseando .... **___** --- tipo de punto anudada Ojal Stitch

Discover thousands of images about DIY 5 Blanket Stitch Variations and Tutorials from coletterie here. I post a lot of DIYs that use blanket stitch from clothing using fleece to embroidered felt.

Cactus vector

Cactus vector image on VectorStock

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yumiko higuchi

yumiko higuchi love the tones!

Bordados con Paciencia.: Puntadas Básicas de Bordado.

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* 少し黄色が入った優しい白で、丸い尾っぽと四角い尾っぽの花鳥刺繍。 ・ 楽しく、もりもり、頑張りましょ。 久しぶりの夜飲みを楽しみに…☺︎♪ ・ ・ ・

Embroidered birds with white thread


vangoghkid: “lil cactus embroidery I did today while listening to talking heads on vinyl ”

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embroidery linen purses Love these designs

Bolsos bordados a mano.

Tote bag with floral embroidery.

Bordado de 12 meses por Yumiko Higuchi libro de por MotokoThreads

12-Month Embroidery by Yumiko Higuchi - Japanese Craft Book

[ BOOK DETAIL ] Language: in Japanese Condition: Brand New Pages: 78 pages Author: Yumiko Higuchi Date of Publication: *This book has patterns inside, inseparable from the…

Get that French knot exactly where you want it.

Get that colonial knot exactly where you want it.

Puntada fieltro

Blanket stitching two pieces of felt together.

Bolso con bordado

Tote bag with floral embroidery.

Fibre Arts : Photo

Wool stitch // idea to make on the coat