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Horse or Statue? Enjoying the Levade

The "Levade" a movement where a horse rears up at a angle and then holds the pose for several seconds. It is a very difficult movement that requires both balance and strength.

Every child's dream

Let's be completely honest, this had better be my future kid and pony or I'm gonna be seriously disappointed. My two favorite things: ponies and precious boy babies in grown-up clothes, and they're hugging! Lead line child hugging pony after class.

smoky cream - Lusitano stallion Xerox HM

Portuguese (Lusitano - PSL) stud colt, a genuine Cremello (double dilute on a chestnut base) who does not carry a grey gene. All of his offspring will be Palomino, Buckskin or Smokey Black - out of solid colored mares.

Frederiksborg - mare Orkidé Nielsbogaard

Frederiksborg - mare Orkidé Nielsbogaard