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Vacation 2014
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two people are sitting in front of the water at shedd aquarium, looking out onto the ocean
the reflection of people standing in front of a large metal object that looks like it has been
taking photos under the Bean 9/08/14
a light house sitting on top of a small island in the middle of the ocean
from river/lake tour Wendella Boat Lake Michigan
cars are parked on the street in front of a large building with a domed roof
Alder Planetarium 9/08/14
an old building with the words civic opera blvdling on it's side
the water fountain has two dolphins on it's sides and is surrounded by smaller fountains
Buckingham Fountain flows against a bright blue sky in the background | Hank Erdmann Photography
Buckingham Fountain flows all summer in Grant Park on Chicago's Lakefront, Chicago, Illinois by Hank Erdmann
a statue of a woman in front of a tall building
Pop Culture | Fazzino
Marilyn Monroe Statue, this is on Michigan Ave, Ive gotten to see this in person its pretty awesome!
an ornate green clock on the side of a building
an aerial view of a carnival with boats in the water and large city buildings behind it
Navy Pier AngieMcMonigalPhotography-7490 by Angie McMonigal, via Flickr
the stairs lead up to the water from the building
along the river near the Mag Mile
an old building with a fountain in front of it
Chicago Water Tower
Chicago Water Tower
a building that has some lights on it
Rainforest Cafe Chicago | Rainforest Cafe Menu Chicago
four dolphins jumping out of the water in front of a large glass wall with windows
Shed Aquarium
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Things to Do in Chicago | Blue Man Group - Things to do in Chicago