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an advertisement for smoker cooking shows different types of meats
So Many Smoker Recipes, So Little Time! You'll Delight In Your Delicious Smoke-Kissed Foods!
barbecue ribs and potatoes on a tray next to other foods, including cornbreads
Smoked Pork Ribs Recipe | Kingsford®
How to Smoke Pork Ribs
Get the whole team together for some game-day grilled pork ribs. We’ll show you how to get smoky, succulent perfection from your grill, every time. Ready? Break!
a white bowl filled with corn and topped with a lime wedge next to a fork
Mexican Street Corn Recipe
Elote is a popular grilled corn-on-the-cob Mexican street food. Off the cob, it’s called esquites, enjoyed as a vibrant side dish or an on-the-go snack.
a person using a knife to cut up food in a skillet on top of a stove
When I cook chicken like this, there's no leftovers | When I cook chicken like this, there's no leftovers | By Super Recipes | When I prepare chicken like this there are never any leftovers. To start we're going to take two large chicken breasts and slice them up. Two chicken breast is perfect for this recipe. Now I'm going to slice these and then go ahead and cube them. Just like this. You want to make this into smaller pieces. It'll be faster to cook. Now this chicken recipe is delicious. You have no idea how tasty it is. And honestly it just takes a few minutes. Alright once you've cut up your chicken go ahead and add those pieces to a larger bowl for seasoning just like this. Now I'm going to start with some eggs. I've got three eggs here. I'm also going to add a tablespoon of black pepper. A spoonful of paprika, and a spoonful of salt. We're also going to add two tablespoons of mayonnaise. And now just mix everything together very well. And this is going to be a delicious seasoning for our chicken. This recipe is honestly so quick and it is super flavorful. Alright at this point we're going to add half a cup of flour. Mix everything together again. And you can just see how simple and easy this is. And this is a texture we're looking for. We're now going to add 100 grams of grated mozzarella cheese. I'm going to add some parsley for some flavor and colour. And now we're going to be adding a tablespoon of roasted garlic. Let's mix everything together again. And that's it. Our seasoned chicken mixture is ready. And honestly in just a few minutes you've prepared a deliciously seasoned chicken. Alright now we're going to go ahead and fry this chicken in a pan. I've got a pan here with some oil that's been heated up. And now we're going to add those chicken pieces right on top of the oil. Now you can go and turn your heat onto medium. Add as many pieces of chicken as you'd like and arrange them in the pan just like this. I'm going to fry the chicken in larger pieces as you can see here. Fry on one side and then we're going to flip them over to fry the other side. And after a few minutes they are nice and cooked. Our chicken is crispy and super tasty and honestly my mouth is watering. Alright let's let the other side cook. This is looking so good already. Alright and just after a few minutes, our chicken is ready. Go ahead and remove that from the pan and serve on a plate. And now we're going to finish the rest of the recipe. Just going to fry up the rest of that chicken. And just like that it's ready. Our seasoned chicken is perfect. Perfect recipe with spices, chicken and cheese. Let's give it a try. Make it at home and you won't regret it.
baked burrito casserole in an oven with the words baked burrito casserole above it
Alexia® Sheet Pan Loaded Philly Cheesesteak Onion Rings Recipe
Create a perfectly balanced appetizer with Alexia® Crispy Onion Rings.
an old poster with different types of grilling related items and instructions on the side
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loaded mashed potato meatloaf casserole recipe
Loaded Mashed Potato Meatloaf Casserole
Loaded Mashed Potato Meatloaf Casserole is beef meatloaf, loaded mashed potatoes, bacon and cheese baked until crispy. #dinner #casserole #meatloaf #meatloafcasserole #mashedpotatoes #cheddarcheese #loadedmashedpotatoes #holidaydinner #weeknightdinner #dinnerthendessert