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Palestrina Stitch

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Stitched letter technique. Clever! Now for some mad accurate embroidered typography!
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January Stitchalong: Couching 101

Last week I started off the January stitchalong and I promised you some details of my first attempt at couching. So, without further ado, here we go! Step 1: Trace your letter onto paper, cut out, and place on your felt Step 2: Loop your yarn to form the first part of your "h" I chose a chunky weight yarn, but experiment with whatever yarn you have on hand. Every yarn has a different "drape" so try a few and see what you like! Step 3: Add a few stitches to keep your yarn in place, and trim…

vocabulario 3
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vocabulary 3

Guilloche Stitch
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Stitch Fun: Guilloche Stitch

After showing you yesterday’s interlaced chain stitch, I thought I’d follow up with another composite embroidery stitch that involves lacing – Guilloche Stitch. Guilloche is a term found in art and architecture for a repetitive design of intertwined ribbon-like curves that form circles on a border. Guilloche stitch, when worked with regular thread (it can ...

MAIS UM PONTINHO | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
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Mais um pontinho do "livro" japonês,para alegrar minhas amigas bordadeiras.

Tiny Lazy Roman, copyright Napa Needlepoint
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Woven Stitches in Needlepoint - Nuts about Needlepoint

Woven Stitches in Needlepoint looks at several ways these stitches can be created.

RosalieWakefield-Millefiori: A NEW Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery Stitch Technique ... Braided Lace
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A NEW Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery Stitch Technique ... Braided Lace

Well, maybe not that new. But new to some, so I'll make a little tute here. These LadyFlowers are "Becky, Bertha and Bubbles". Becky, Bertha and Bubbles are all stitched with the same technique - a drizzle I have named "Braided Lace". I have the instructions for these little LadyFlowers and almost 80 others in my book, My LadyFlowers by Rosalie Wakefield. Here's a picture: I know, I know... *sigh*. Sounds familiar. I advertise and then I advertise some more. That's partly the reason for this…

Let's learn embroidery: Buttonhole knot flower-pointed tip
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Let's learn embroidery

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Triple Chain Stitch • Start with a normal chain stitch instead of taking the anchoring stitch bring the needle up to form a loop insert it down next to start of first chain. Repeat this step to make the third loop. Take the needle up anchor the loop with a small stitch. You can angle these stitches in different directions or work in rows to create all sorts of interesting effects ie rows that zig zag, singly in rows, or grouped as a flower or butterfly (as in image).

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Contemporary hand embroidery and crazy quilting tutorials, patterns, ideas and inspiration.

Cool stitch
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Cool stitch

bag german 14-15th century
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A Stitch Out of Time

needlepoint squirrel from CBK needlepoint collection, scott church design
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Check out this masterpiece....

Simply couldn't wait to post this...might be my new favorite piece. Sometimes you just outdo your own self! This is a Scott Church design (CBK Needlepoint) and I'm finding that I am cuckoo over his stuff! This was crazy fun to stitch. Has so many of my favorite things....beading, turkey work, Aqua, whimsy....LOVE IT. As with any piece with such dimension, it's hard to convey it in a flat photograph taken by your iPhone, but it's really cool in person. And yep...I knitted that tiny little…

File:Detached buttonhole stitch.gif
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File:Detached buttonhole stitch.gif

Cruz Grande - Tapeçaria Professor
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