MESA COMEDOR TABURETES Material: Hierro y madera de pino Colores: Negro y natural Medidas: 130x92x78H Hanbel - Tienda online - Mueble

Pretty cool having the swivel out seats. Except, I'd have to pad those seats . very hard on your butt.

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Patas de acero trapezoidales con 1 o 2 llaves modelo por DVAMetal

Custom order - Trapezoid Steel Legs with 1 or 2 Braces, Dining Table Industrial Legs, Modern Steel Legs, Set of 2 Legs with 1 or 2 braces.

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vurnii: “Pant Rocker by Shiner- recycled hardwoods and steel Also watch: 5 Modern Comfortable Rocking Lounge Chairs ”