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a person holding a rosary in their hands with an arabic text above it that reads,
an arabic text on white paper with gold trimmings and writing in two languages
an arabic text on a blackboard with green and yellow writing in two languages,
an arabic poem with flowers and the words in two languages, which are also english
an islamic text with the words in english and arabic, on a black background that reads
an islamic prayer with the words salwaat on lady fatma zahan sasa
an advertisement with the message in english and arabic, which is also written on it
an islamic book with arabic writing on it and a lit candle in the middle, surrounded by
an islamic woman standing in front of a dark background with the words,'i am not
an arabic text with the image of a man in red sky and clouds behind it
an image of the back side of a wall with words written on it in arabic
Take Back, Choose Me
an advertisement with arabic writing on the side of a red curtain and yellow background, which reads