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a hand is holding three small triangulars with one being folded up to show the other side
Get Out The Door Faster with These Doorknob Pockets for Keys, Glasses, Pet Supplies
Lazies, Meet Hang On, our newest Girl. She’s a helping hand, or pocket, to hang where needed. I especially love her for housing my cell phone, or holding the keys at the door. Hang On is another Stiff Stuff craft pattern, made from a 10″ square. She is quick as can be so get ready …
three handmade glasses cases with embroidered flowers on them, one has a pair of eyeglasses and the other two are made out of linen
consejos principiantes patchwork y quinting
Sewing Projects For Beginners
an adhesivee side down with instructions for fabric face up
Eyeglass Case Tutorial with Printable Pattern
Porta cartões!
three different types of wallets are shown with one being open and the other is closed
DIY A card wallet that even beginners can make very easy / sewing tutorial [Tendersmile Handmade]