How awesome is this embroidered top! @tessa_perlow kills it with the needle  Thanks for sharing this in the #makersmovement feed. Happy Friday everyone!

Okay just put this new listing on etsy today; handmade linen tank top w/ hand embroidered flowers cure your spring fever ! by tessa_perlow

embroidery stiches --- a few, just like my grandma taught me

Whipped Running Stitch. This variety gives a twisted effect. The closer the foundation of running stitch is done, the more enhanced would be the twisted effect.

Raised close herringbone stitch

Illustrated Cross stitch, Needlecraft and Embroidery glossary. Section R: Radiating stitch to Rya stitch

Linen tee with hand embroidered garden

Linen tee with hand embroidered garden

Handmade linen tee shirt with hand stitched embroidery detail of lush flowers and leaves in slight sweetheart pattern at bustline Size 4