Etiquetas En Vinilo Para Personalizar Frascos Y Botellas. - $ 60,00 …

Etiquetas En Vinilo Para Personalizar Frascos Y Botellas

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Para cada nuevo like en FB (su nombre escrito tipo logo, todos diferentes, como para agradecer que nos sigue) - Istanbul Tipografi / Typography BY: Kutan URAL

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The high prevalence of circles and curves gives this logo a very fluid feel. The brown and the dull orange go nicely together. As one can see in the development stages, the artist clearly set everything up so that there would be the exact shape interplay and alignment they desired. It is a whimsical design which goes along with the word "pointless", I suppose. The slant of the text make it appear as if the bear is cycling down a hill, and that is perhaps why his hat is flying off.

El desarrollo de logotipo, comienza con la conceptualización de aquello que deseamos representar y transmitir sobre la empresa, siguiendo a esto el bocetaje y la reticulación, para llegar así al resultado final.

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Logotypes. Great text treatment collection inspiración para escribir mis apellidos!

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