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Gregory Colbert – Luella says…
Gregory Colbert – Luella says…
a woman with an eagle on her shoulder is holding a hose in front of her face
Swords / Schwerter
a woman is standing in an old photo with a bird flying over her head,
Blurring the Lines Between Animals and Mankind
an image of a woman walking in the middle of a hallway with an eagle flying above her
6a00e54fcf73858834017ee454dbcb970d-pi (460×750)
two women are fighting each other with their hands
Carmen Amaya....
an image of a naked woman with her arms crossed and looking at the camera while wearing jewelry
Monica Bellucci
a man standing next to a woman smiling
marieandrebeaumont: Monica Bellucci as Elda in... -
a black and white photo of a woman's face
Monica Bellucci
a black and white photo of a woman sitting at a table with her hands on her face
Monica B
a woman is standing in front of a bus with a tripod on the ground