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how to choose artwork tips and tricks
Guide to Choosing Art for Your Home
Make your home a reflection of your taste by choosing the right artwork. This guide walks you through the process of selecting art that complements your home's design, considering factors like art style and artwork size. Don't overcomplicate picking art. Use this 3 part formula.
four home bedroom refresh ideas
Refresh Your Home Bedroom on a Budget: 4 Simple Things to Change
Refresh your bedroom with these four budget-friendly steps. This comprehensive guide provides easy and practical tips for updating your lighting, bedding, and rug, creating a cozy and aesthetic space. Whether you're looking for small changes or a complete overhaul, these ideas will help you achieve a stunning bedroom update without breaking the bank. Transform your room into a stylish retreat with minimal effort and expense.
guest bedroom essentials checklist
The Best Essentials for a Guest Bedroom Retreat
Create a retreat-like atmosphere in your guest bedroom with these essentials. From cozy bedding to thoughtful nightstand items, this guide will help you provide a comfortable and relaxing experience for your guests. See which items your guest bedroom needs.
eleven bedroom decorating mistakes
Top Bedroom Decorating Mistakes and How to Fix Them
Discover the most common bedroom decorating mistakes and how to fix them. From incorrect furniture scale to poor lighting, we cover it all. Our comprehensive guide offers tips and tricks to help you create a cohesive and inviting bedroom space. Ensure your bedroom is a perfect blend of style and comfort with these expert decorating tips.
organization ideas declutter the bathroom
Bathroom Makeover: Declutter and Organize
Ready for a bathroom makeover? Follow these 10 easy steps to declutter and organize your space, making it more functional and beautiful. These tips will help you tackle every corner, from the vanity to the countertop and under-sink storage. Improve your bathroom's efficiency and aesthetic with our comprehensive guide. Enjoy a clutter-free and stylish bathroom with minimal effort.
chandelier size guide for round tables, bedrooms, and living rooms
Chandelier Size Guide: Perfect Fit for Dining Rooms, Bedrooms, and Living Spaces
A well-sized chandelier can transform a room's ambiance. Our chandelier size guide provides detailed instructions on how to measure and choose the perfect chandelier for dining rooms, bedrooms, and living areas. Learn how to achieve the ideal balance and make a stunning visual impact in any space. Whether it's for a round table or a large living room, this guide will help you make the right choice.
wall to wall bedroom carpet ideas
Wall to Wall Bedroom Carpet: Choosing the Best One
Redecorate your bedroom with wall-to-wall carpet by following our expert tips and ideas. Learn about different carpet types, including high pile and Berber, and discover which one is ideal for your space. Our guide covers everything from choosing the perfect color to ensuring your carpet complements your bedroom decor. Get practical advice on maintaining your carpet and enjoy a cozy, stylish bedroom. See the best carpet options for your needs.
home decor japandi style design ideas
Japandi: The Perfect Blend of Style
Explore the serene beauty of Japandi style interior design. Combining the best of Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian functionality, this design trend creates a harmonious and balanced living space. Learn how to achieve the perfect Japandi color palette and aesthetic in your home with our expert tips and inspiration. Embrace simplicity and elegance with Japandi design.
two images of dining tables with text overlay save money with this guide long table lighting ideas Ideas, Tables, Inspiration, Dining Room Light Fixtures, Dining Room Lighting, Modern Dining Room Lighting, Long Dining Room Tables, Long Dining Tables, Long Dining Table
Perfect Light Fixtures for Long Dining Tables
Find out how to choose the perfect light fixtures for long dining tables. Our comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about selecting and installing two lights over your table. From modern to classic designs, get inspired by various lighting ideas that will add charm and functionality to your dining area. Brighten up your space with our expert tips and save money.
ceiling lighting ideas for every room even with no wiring Ceiling Fixtures, Ceiling Lighting, Ceiling Lights, Ceiling Light Design, Wire Light Fixture, Ceiling Windows, Ceiling Height
Ceiling Lighting Ideas for Every Room: No Wiring Needed
Get these creative ceiling lighting ideas that require no wiring! This blog post walks you through how to choose the perfect ceiling lights for every room. Learn about large-scale options, height considerations, and the best styles for both low and high ceilings. Find inspiration and practical advice to brighten your space with ease. Make your home shine with the right ceiling lights without the hassle of complex installations.
four blue living rooms with text overlay five blue living room color palette tips Living Rooms, Colour Schemes, Living Room Color Schemes, Neutral Tones, Blue Color Schemes, Room Colors, Color Schemes
Inspiring Blue Color Schemes for Your Living Room
Get inspired by our selection of blue color schemes for living rooms. Learn how to combine different shades of blue with neutral tones and vibrant accents to create a stylish and inviting space. From paint colors to furnishings, discover practical tips and creative ideas to make blue the star of your living room decor.
5 Steps to a Beautifully Decorated Living Room
Beautifully Decorated Living Room in 5 Steps
Follow our 5 simple steps to a beautifully decorated living room that reflects your style. Learn how to choose the right color palette, create a mood board, and design a layout that maximizes your living room space. This blog post is packed with ideas and inspiration to help you make your living room cozy and inviting. Discover how to combine decor elements seamlessly and get expert tips on adding those finishing touches that make all the difference.
lighting ideas for low ceilings in basements Home Décor, Home, Lights, Design, Low Ceiling Basement, Lighting Ideas, Fixtures
Best Lighting Ideas for Low Ceiling Basements
Maximize the light in your low ceiling basement with these expert tips and ideas. Whether you prefer modern fixtures or classic solutions, find out how to illuminate every corner of your space. Perfect for enhancing your basement remodel with stylish and functional lighting. See these 7 lighting tips.
4 Tips to Select Interior Paint Colors Paint Colours, Interior, Walls
Expert Tips to Select Interior Paint Colors
Choosing the best paint color for your home's interior can be overwhelming. Our blog post simplifies the process with four expert tips. Learn about using paint samples, considering natural light, and creating a cohesive color scheme effortlessly.
cabinet hardware with text overlay easy cabinet makeover hardware ideas Hardware, Diy, Cabinets, Cabinet Makeover, Update Cabinets
Easy Cabinet Makeover With Budget-Friendly Hardware
Makeover your cabinets with new hardware. From new handles to unique hardware, explore how you can easily change the look and feel of your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom cabinets. Great DIY resource and guide for renters and anyone in need of budget-friendly cabinet update. Don't miss these easy decor ideas.