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a notebook with writing on it and an octopus in the middle, surrounded by stars
The Royal Tenenbaums, Film, Movies Showing, Film Inspiration, Movies
The Royal Tenenbaums - Wes Anderson
a heart shaped cake with candles around it and a photo in the middle on top
Random, Sad Girl, Literally, Mood, Girl Boss, Cool Girl, Femenine
several pieces of paper are in a box
a man standing in front of a green light pointing to the side with his finger
Jeff Buckley
Illustrators, Nara, Trinket, Artsy Fartsy, Save, Instagram Posts, Just Friends
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a small kitten with its eyes closed holding a toothbrush in it's mouth
a brown and white dog with a pink flower on it's forehead
Punk, Pose Reference, Couples, Erkek Yüzü, Poses, Persona
a woman standing in front of a mirror with cut out people
a white plate topped with lots of gummy bears next to a knife and fork
a plate with blood oranges and other fruits on it