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This is a tutorial for etching that uses PHP paper and an iron to apply a design before the etching solution...............................Etching with numerous options!
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Step by Step: Making a Copper Etched Cuff Bracelet

Revision Date: 4-12-13 STEP BY STEP COPPER ETCHED CUFF BRACELET Using PnP Blue and now StazOn and Rubber Stamps I will keep updating this step by step as I learn new things and improvements STEP 1 Get yourself some 18g Copper or an 18g copper blank sizing is dependant upon your wrist size. Standard length sizes - 6" for Small 6.5" for Medium and 7" for large For my sample its 6.5" My copper blank is 18g 1" wide by 6.5" long If you cant get locally then Metalliferous in NY has them pre cut…

House Revivals: How to Make Your Own Paper Bead Roller

How to Make Your Own Paper Bead Roller

If you love rolling paper beads -- or you just want to give it a try, here is a quick and easy way to make your own bead rolling tool using items you have around the house. I was rolling my beads using the old school method, and it was seriously cramping my hands. I thought there had to be a better way, but didn't have the willpower to wait two days for a bead roller to come in the mail. I usually use a bamboo skewer to roll my beads around, and I thought to myself "what if I put a little…

DIY Paper Bead Dryer

DIY Paper Bead Drying Rack - Video Tutorial | I Love Paper Beads

Making a lot of paper beads? Here's how to make a drying rack for drying and decorating them.

Spinning Paper Into Yarn

My Adventures with Paper Yarn Beads | I Love Paper Beads

Several years ago, I bought a drop spindle with the thought that I'd learn how to spin wool yarn with it. I never spun a lot of wool with it, and eventually t

paper bead tutorial

paper bead tutorial

beads made with ultrafine glitters
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Polymer Clay Anodized Look Beads

Free tutorial from EJR Beads. Make your own anodized look polymer clay beads using ultrafine glitters

Making a Cone/ Teardrop paper bead - YouTube
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Making a Cone/ Teardrop paper bead

Making a cone bead and showing you the simple trick to turn it into a teardrop bead.

Atlas page paper beads tutorial -- paper, glue stick, and empty pen

Paper Map Beads

Bead making is a fun activity for a rainy day. I wouldn't recommend this project for children younger than eight years of age and it does take a little practice to get the hang of it. Some of the pictured beads were made using a page from an old atlas and others from scrap booking paper. For both types I cut very elongated triangles that are one inch wide at the base. I then coated the back of the paper with a glue stick. To roll up the beads I made a little tool from a Bic pen that no…

Making of a Pillow Paper Bead (Square Bead) - no commentary, nice music.  Looks…
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Making of a Pillow Paper Bead (Square Bead)

Not the best video, but it's what the phone can do. This is just a quick and imperfect illustration of the making of a paper square bead. I call them Pillow ...

Paper Shell Beads
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Shells and Waves Necklace | I Love Paper Beads

I've been thinking about the beach, lately -- maybe because temperatures been in the 90's for several weeks. We've gone to the Jersey shore almost every summe

European style paper beads - YouTube

Making Advanced Paper Beads With Template A-1 Session 1 video will show you how to make 9 advanced paper bead shapes using th...

How to Make A Hardcover Book Necklace

Make a Mini Hardcover Book Pendant | I Love Paper Beads

Learn how to make a mini book necklace using scrapbook paper and cardboard from cereal boxes. No sewing required in this easy DIY craft!

Christmas Pendant
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Make the Holidays Sparkle with a DIY Resin Necklace | I Love Paper Beads

In this tutorial, we are going to make a sparkly resin and wire pendant out of recycled paper.

hour glass shape paper beads how to

hour glass shape

Janice is demonstrating how taking two triangle strips together and overlapping the edges can produce and hour glass shaped bead.

Love these to use w yarn) FAUX CERAMIC PAPER BEADS, how to diy, jumbo beads, big…

FAUX CERAMIC PAPER BEADS, how to diy, jumbo beads, big holes, scarf sliders

Make jumbo paper beads, and learn how to easily paint them to look like ceramic beads! Super easy!! (TUTORIALS FOR: je...

Paper Bead Roller Rolling Machine - Simple and Controlled V3 - YouTube

V3 Paper Bead Roller Rolling Machine

The V3 Paper Bead Roller Product Line is available for purchase on Amazon, Etsy or Ebay. Search "V3 Paper Bead Roller Rolling Machine" on your preferred site...