Mi produccion de objetos DIY.
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there are many brown and white tags with numbers on them
Números de mesa carpita vintage
Números de mesa carpa
several pictures of different types of paper and scissors on top of each other in various stages of construction
Curso de cartonaje
Curso de cartonaje ~ Lorion. Los mundos de Chary
three candles sitting on top of a wooden block
Porta velas hecho con madera de obra reutilizada.
three tea lights sitting on top of a wooden block in the shape of a rectangle
Porta velas hecho con madera de obra reutilizada. Pintado con pintura a la tiza.
a small potted plant next to a sign that says choose joy
Choose joy.
some jars are sitting on a table with the word home painted on them in gold and white
Cajoncito para semillas y especias.
a small christmas tree made out of wooden blocks with lights around it and cookies on the table
Home made xmas tree.
a red sign that says sing like no one is listening on a branch with a yellow bird sitting on it
Sing like no one is listening
a wooden sign that says jamin on it in front of a book shelf filled with books
several wooden clothes pins with names on them are stacked up in rows and placed together
Broches con palabras inspiradoras.
some brown paper bags with tags and string lights
Nada mas lindo que hacer los regalos con amor.
an art piece with a woman's face painted on the front and side of it
Hand sewn copybook, Britto style.
a cactus in a pot with a note attached to it