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a white sign with writing on it that says, adding s or ess? Anchor Charts, Grammar, Phonics, English, Plural Nouns, Plurals, English Vocabulary Words, Teaching Phonics, Teaching Grammar
The First Week in First Grade | Teaching With Haley O'Connor
three plastic bowls with white balls in them sitting on the ground next to each other Pre K, Phonics Activities, Summer, Worksheets, Vowel Lessons, Teaching Vowels, Vowel Activities, Vowel Consonant Sort, Vowels Kindergarten
Consonant and Vowel Toss and Sort
Consonant and Vowel Toss and Sort - I Can Teach My Child!
there are several different types of raindrops on the table with scissors and markers Teaching First Grade, First Grade Reading, Teaching Reading, First Grade Phonics, Reading Intervention
Resources from IMSE | Twitter, Instagram, Facebook | Linktree
the word building folder is open to reveal letters and words that are written in different colors Phonics Instruction, Phonics Reading, Phonics Lessons, Decoding Multisyllabic Words, Phonics Interventions
Tools for Multisyllabic Word Decoding Interventions in 2nd Grade
an interactive phonicic bundle for children to practice their language skills and read alouds Phonics Games, Phonics Games Online, R Controlled Vowels Activities, Rhyming Words, Jolly Phonics
Teaching R Controlled Vowels
Your students will love learning the ir er ur r controlled vowels with these interactive r controlled vowels activities. These r controlled vowel activities are great for literacy centers or small group instruction!
a board game with the words bossy or urr and two dices on it Ideas, Kinder Math, Vowel Teams Activities, Phonics Rules
Bossy R Activities For First Grade - Firstieland - First Grade Teacher Blog
Bossy R Activities For First Grade - Firstieland
a close up of a piece of paper with words on it and a ladder in the middle Montessori, Jolly Phonics Activities Worksheets Group 2, Phonics Words, Math Lessons
Phonics Box - ir er ur Activities! - Make Take & Teach
ir er ur Activities
Phonics Practice, Phonics Blends
spelling rules r controlled vowels - - Image Search Results
a person holding up four cards with words on them and the text bossy r is for Decks, Posters, Word Families
How to Effectively Teach Bossy R Words (R-Controlled Vowels)
the r - controlled worksheet is filled with activities to help students learn how to use Master, Grade, Students, Start, Exposure, 2nd Grade, Activities, Words
R-Controlled Vowels Activities
a poster with words that are written in different languages, including r - controlled words Anger, Bossy, It Hurts, Let It Be, Nurse, Nurse Art
R-Controlled Vowels Activities - Sweet Tooth Teaching
R-Controlled Vowels Activities - Sweet Tooth Teaching
four cards with the words go fish on them and an image of three different pictures Daily 5, Coarse Fishing, Slp Activities, Articulation Activities, Learn To Read
R-controlled vowels: Go Fish!
a printable game for kids to play with the word arm in front of it
R-controlled vowel words game
a printable race to the top game with words and numbers Comprehension Games
Teaching R Controlled Vowels
Your students will love learning r controlled vowels with these r controlled vowels games and activities. The self checking feature of several of the r controlled vowel games make them ideal for literacy centers!
this is an image of free printable voiel worksheets Vowel Blends Chart, Reading Practice For Grade 1, Fundations First Grade, Ie Words Phonics, Vowel Diagraphs, Vowel Teams Chart, Vowel Blends, Centers First Grade
Free First Grade Reading Printables. Check Out These Free Printable B0B
Ghost letter digraphs!
the very best phonics youtubee channels for kids and teens to play with Videos, Apps
Phonics YouTube Channels I Absolutely LOVE (and my Students do, too!)
two speech bubbles with the words'tips to identify schwa ' Sounding Out Words
Sarah's First Grade Snippets
the printable worksheet for upper and lowercase words with dices on them Vowel Team Words, Vowel Team
Vowel Teams: What We Never Learned, Explained - ReadingRev
the order of teaching phonics poster is shown in green and orange, with arrows pointing Learning Phonics, Phonics Worksheets
Order of Teaching Phonics
two paper plates with words written on them Sight Words, Literacy Stations, Kindergarten Writing, Foundational Skills
Sight Words and Thinking Maps! - Tunstall's Teaching
It’s getting to that time of year! The students that “have it” are rocketing ahead! The struggling students need that extra oomph to really have a good grasp of the missing foundational skills. Because of those struggling groups, I developed a plan to be sure that I will target their missing sight words. Plus, I …
a poster with the words silent letters in blue and yellow, on top of each other English Grammar, English Words, English Vocabulary
two pictures with the letter c and k on them, one has a cat's head Teaching Spelling
a poster with an image of a man holding a magnifying glass England, Kinder, Reno, Kindergarten Reading
Vowel Team Printables
the words in french are used to learn how to use them for language and writing Cvc, Digraph, Spelling
a poster with the words i e and an image of a pie
a poster with the words silentt k and kniff knight knock not know Motivation, English Phrases, English Sentences, Vocabulary Words
the words in this worksheet are for children to learn English Worksheets For Kids, English Grammar Worksheets
"ch" Words worksheet for Kindergarten Students
the words are in different languages to describe what they are and how it is used Diy Cvc Word Activities, Reading For Kids, Learning English For Kids
Shhh It's A Shamrock
a poster with the words ee, beet, between knee and sleeping chees Teaching English
Phonics Poster – ee Words
a poster with the words ph and phone Ph Sound Words
Phonics Poster – ph Words
a poster with words describing the different parts of bread and what they mean them to eat
Phonics Poster – ea Words 2