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Another art. Piercing is a great way to express yourself. This board is dedicated to the art of piercing.
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a close up of a person wearing some kind of silver earring on their left ear
the nose has two piercings on it
septum piercing -- this is truly the only one I've ever really liked. Tucked in.
an open mouth with a ring on it
This is new. Never seen this...
an ear with two hearts attached to it
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Pretty dope.
a close up of a person's ear with two snakes wrapped around it and one behind the ear
Creative earrings collections | ladies fancy ornaments
a woman's ear is shown with the words triple forward helix on it
an info sheet with different types of items on it
By Piercing
Body Piercing charts | ... Custom/Back Orders FAQ Jewelry Sizing Chart Reviews New Products
a man with some piercings on his ear
unconvencional industrials
Super dope!!!
a close up of a person's mouth with a ring on top of it
So bad ass!
an ear with three different piercings attached to it
an ear with two hearts attached to it
Heart Cartilage Ear Piercings - Piercing Time
I luv this! (pun pun) 'twould make a great Valentines gift for a 'piercing fanatic!' #Piercings