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an orange circle on a pink and green checkerboard pattern with a red dot in the middle
Green Checks Poster - A4
This colourful poster is inspired by the iconic Bauhaus style and features a vibrant colour block palette of pink, orange, and green. This modern wall art provides a burst of colour and a modernist vibe to any room.
an orange and green tiled wall with different colors
Salt panels made using "only sun and wind" clad interior of Frank Gehry's Arles tower
color palette no 8 from the book
Inspiring Color Palettes — Elena Comte
Inspiring Color Palettes — Elena Comte Studio
the words we're anderson are shown in different colors and sizes, including red, yellow
Wes Anderson inspired indie color palette, procreate color palette, color swatches, iPad procreate tools and resources
This is a digital download that will be available immediately after purchase! I hope you enjoy these hand picked iPad ProCreate swatches that I use in my own artwork and Instagram posts! I really love this and I hope you love it too! Please tag me in any artwork you make with this palette on Instagram and TikTok @prismaticpaperco