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an image of a computer screen with some patterns on it
MGProjekt (@MGProjekt) / X
20 tarjetas, 4 colores, repite cada 48 movimientos // sed_184༺❁:
a close up of a comb on a wooden table with wires attached to the sides
How to weave the burning candles band - Kerstin Neumüller
How to weave the burning candles band — Kerstin Neumüller
the pink and gray string is attached to the white cord on the left side of the photo
Weaving Techniques || The Weaver’s Knot | The Weaving Loom
the pattern is shown in green, brown and white colors with numbers on each side
a piece of wood with some yellow and blue yarn on it
A new adventure and humble beginnings.
a pile of multicolored knitted fabric with the words a spencer weaver on it
a cross stitch pattern with the number of cards on it
an image of a pattern that is in the style of native american art quilts
a black and white pattern with lines in the middle, on top of each other
Birka-Style Tablet Weaving Recipe
a close up of a piece of cloth on a white surface with blue and green stripes
Band weaving – Scandinavian Weavers Study Group
a hand holding a piece of fabric in it's left hand, with the end of
My tangled web, weaving cloth and trim | Athenaeum - Presented by the Barony of Madrone
an image of different patterns on the same fabric as shown in this diagram, which shows that each pattern has its own color and size
21 tarjetas, 3 / 2 colores, repite cada 8 movimientos // sed_708 diseñado en GTT༺❁
the color code is displayed in this screenshote screengrafion, and it appears to be different colors
Tahuantinsuyo - 14 tarjetas, 7 colores // sed_178༺❁
an image of a computer screen with different patterns on it and the texting options displayed
23 tarjetas, 4 colores // sed_157༺❁
an image of a black and yellow pattern on a white background with numbers in the middle