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the emblem for cabj is displayed on a piece of paper with leaves around it
the world cup trophy is shown in black and white, with stars above its head
two men's legs with tattoos on them and the words booa written in black ink
a man with a tattoo on his leg that says cabu la mitad mas uno
Tatuaje ancla Boca Juniors
Tatuaje ancla Boca Juniors
the golden and blue shield logo is shown in this file, it appears to be an emblem
an anchor and stars tattoo on the back of a man's upper half arm
the logo for la mitad mas uno cabj in black on a white background
Boca La mitad mas uno
#bocaJuniors #CABJ #laMitadMasUno
an ink drawing of two people walking down the street with luggage on their backs and one carrying a backpack
Naruto and Jiraya
Naruto; Naruto: Shippuden
a woman's arm with two birds on it and the word love is written in black ink
╳ p i n t e r e s t- evamartinnn
a man with tattoos on his arms and chest
grunge tattoos
a man with tattoos on his arm holding onto another person's arm and wearing a white shirt