Joaquin Torres Garcia

La Tradicion del Hombre Abstracto - (Doctrina Constructivista) - Joaquin Torres Garcia - Montevideo, 1938 The Cosmos lies in the conflict b.

Estructura Universal con Tres Arcos, 1945, Joaquin Torres Garcia Art Experience NYC:

at Galeria Sur( TEFAF Maastricht Estructura Universal con tres arcos, 1945 The person is divided into two parts: basic instin.

Joaquin Torres-Garcia : Structure de couleur

Joaquín Torres-García, Color Structure, 1930 [dialogue w/ Mondrian]

Torres García Composición, 1933

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Joaquin Torres-Garcia (Montevideo, Uruguay Two Figures (San Francisco Museum of Art, California, USA).

Joaquin Torres Garcia painting | Joaquín Torres-García (Uruguay 1874 - 1949) - CDS Gallery - Artist ...

The official web site of the Gallery of Cecilia de Torres, Ltd., dedicated to Torres-Garcia, the father of Latin American Modern Art, the artists of the School of the South and a new generation of Constructivist artists.

Joaquin Torres Garcia Art Experience NYC:

“South Pole at Top of Earth” by Joaquin Torres García “The so-called Upside-down Map by the Uruguayan modernist Joaquin Torres Garcia became an icon in the history of Latin American re-visions.

joaquin torres garcia | Joaquin-TORRES-GARCIA-05.jpg

joaquin torres garcia | Joaquin-TORRES-GARCIA-05.jpg