prayer before bed

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a poem with the words don't go to sleep before repeating these affirmationss
the poem is written in black and white on a dark background with stars above it
Read Out Loud Before Bed
“As I prepare for rest, I call upon my Higher Self and the Universe. I invite the activation of my Light Body, shining a path to higher wisdom and filling every cell in my body with divine light. I seek complete cellular repair, rejuvenating my body to its optimum state. May healing extend across all dimensions and timelines, restoring harmony to every aspect of my being. I request the strengthening of my auric and toroidal fields, creating a shield of light that attracts positivity and repels negativity. With trust in my Higher Self and the Universe, I welcome this transformation. In gratitude, I embrace the healing and awakening to come. So be it, and so it is.”