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Fabian Ciraolo - Marilyn

Marilyn Monroe by Fabian Ciraolo. Marilyn wearing a Clap Your Hands Say Yeah swimsuit is pretty awesome too.

Fabian Ciraolo - Salvador Dali

Chilean artist Fabian Ciraolo’s new work has historical rebels transformed into hipsters. Salvador Dalí is a Vampire Weekend fan.

Fabian Ciraolo - Beetlejuice

Hipster Beetlejuice by Fabian Ciraolo

Fabian Ciraolo - Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin by Fabián Ciraolo

Fabian Ciraolo - Che Guevara

Portraits of Historical Badasses as Hipsters - Fab Ciraolo, Che Guevara, 2011

Fabian Ciraolo - Pablo Picasso

"PABLO PICASSO" Fab Ciraolo -I love how he captured the spirit of Picasso in this piece. I completely believe that Picasso would have taken up street art immediately because, well, he did everything else. He would also be better than you.

Fabian Ciraolo - Oldschool Heroes (He-Man)

Old School Heroes par Fabian Ciraolo

Fabian Ciraolo - Mr. Hitchcock

Fab Ciraolo Art Exhibition featuring prints, originals, and installations by Fab

Fabian Ciraolo - Oldschool Heroes (more Thundercats)

León-O y Panthro (Thundercats), por Fabian Ciraolo (serie "Oldschool Heroes").

Fabian Ciraolo - Oldschool Heroes (She-Ra)

She-ra, Bow y Hordak (She-ra), por Fabian Ciraolo (serie "Oldschool Heroes").